Supercharge Your Rental Returns With Short Term Letting

It is no secret that in most capital cities around Australia rental yields are dwindling. Take Sydney for example where the median yields are below 4% for houses and less than 3% for units Now the main reason for that is obviously the high rise in the value of property and rents staying pretty stagnant […]

Small Things Go A Long Way

You have a short-term rental Property in Sydney or for the matter anywhere else in the world? If you do you should probably take a ‘vacation’ in your own home. If you permanently rent out your home to travelers your home will be ready for your ‘vacation’. If you only rent it out while you […]

Should I Rent Out My Home On A Short Term Let Basis?

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If you have a property, a flat, house or any shared space in Sydney you will already know how valuable space is in our beautiful city. The demand for letting on a short-term basis has significantly increased from both people visiting Sydney for tourism/leisure and also for work or to visits friends. This is projected to […]