Is AirKeeper affiliated with Airbnb?

No, we are a separate company that was started by enthusiastic Airbnb hosts to help others achieve more success with their short term rental properties.

Why should I use Airkeeper and not do it myself?

Because you know you engage someone trustworthy that makes time. At the time your guests arrive, you do not need to rely on friends/neighbors or family and can rest assured your guests have a port of call within the country the entire time you are away. Also, we are the experts and not only will we take all the work away from you, but we will also ensure higher occupancy, better reviews and therefore make your property work harder and create more revenue for you. We also use a sophisticated data-driven dynamic pricing system that helps us manage your property better and more effective than you ever could.

Can I engage AirKeeper if I only rent my apartment/house?

Yes, you can! Airbnb invites anyone to list his or her property with them. However, it is probably a good idea that you check your rental agreement first or contact your landlord directly so you can confirm it is okay to host guests in the property.

Can I use your services if I only want to rent out a room within a property?

We only provide services for complete property. For example, a single room within a property with an independent and secure door, which can be considered as a complete and independent unit; in this case, we can provide services. However, if it’s only a room in an apartment, it’s not applicable. If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to call us and we find out the best solutions for you.

What do I have to consider if my property is strata titled?

Each strata agreement has its own rules. However, the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Adequacy of the regulation of short-term holiday letting in New South Wales handed down its report on 19 October 2016. It recommended; Strata owner corporations be given the right to prosecute unruly behavior and damage and recover compensation, but not the right to ban short-term lettings. Strata By-laws cannot ban owner from using their apartment for short-term lettings, because the Strata Law voids any By-laws which prohibit renting out an apartment. Those rules are currently under review and will be updated in the near future.

What areas do you service?

Right now, we service Sydney, The Northern Beaches, The Central Coast, The Blue Mountains, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise & Surroundings & Byron Bay. If you have a property in another area still give us a call as you never know how close we are to serve you there as well.

How do you know what to charge for my property?

We have extensive knowledge in all the areas we service. We also do extensive research into comparable properties in your specific area so that we are competitively priced. We use highly sophisticated software that helps us offer the ideal price in any situation. It takes into account supply and demand data, seasonal trends, data-driven special events, the holiday’s predictions, and the number of days left to book.

How long does the process take for my property to be listed and be ready for guests?

Once we had signed contracts and you would have engaged us and we usually arrange the photographer to come within the week. We usually have your property ready to receive bookings within 3 business days after that.

Can my guests contact you if they have questions?

Yes, they can. We will always do our best to answer all questions. We have a 24-hour emergency helpline and during office hours (8am to 12pm) we are also available for all anything guests to need help with.

Can you guide me on how to best prepare my property for guests?

Yes, this is the step we take very seriously and we have prepared extensive, easy to follow checklists for you when you first get your property ready for the short term market. No matter if you are renting your place permanently or ‘just’ while you are away, we will provide you with great hints and tips to prepare your place for guests.

Is cleaning included in your fee?

Cleaning is not included in our fees. However, apart from the initial clean (if you require it) guests will pay for this service and be separately charged for this upon booking your property.

What if a guest steals or breaks something during their stay?

Upon guests departing we do a thorough walkthrough for your properties and look for any damage. If we find any, we raise the issue with the guests for you and deduct the costs from their bond. However, we do advise you to take out separate insurance to cover you for damage that cannot be recuperated from the guests. ShareCover is a good insurance option. We find the policy comprehensive and price effective.

Can I rent out my home for 180 days per year only?

AirKeeper is a Licensed Real Estate Agency and has tailored solutions for every investor to ensure your property is open to the market all year round.

Are Airkeeper’s services tax deductible?

Yes, they are, but you should check with your accountant to assess your individual situation.

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