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AirKeeper Services

Is AirKeeper a real estate agency?
Yes, AirKeeper is a fully licensed real estate agency. As a real estate agency, we possess all the necessary licences and qualifications required by regulatory authorities to operate in the industry. We hold all required licenses in all states we manage properties.
What are the advantages of egaging AirKeeper who specialis in Short Term Property Management?
Having your home managed by an agency that specialises in short term property management you can rest assured that we understand the unique dynamics and demands of the short-term rental market. One of the key advantages of working with us is our specialised knowledge in marketing and promoting short-term rental properties. We have developed effective cross-platform marketing strategies to maximise the visibility and exposure of your property to potential guests. Our expertise in photography and profile creation helps to showcase your property’s unique features and attract a wide range of guests.
What Services does AirKeeper provide?
At AirKeeper we offer a comprehensive array of services designed to ensure your short-term rental property’s success. From dedicated area managers who will know your property inside out, to expert photography and profile creation, we leave no detail overlooked. Our strategic pricing and cross-platform marketing strategies are tailored to optimise occupancy and boost your property’s visibility. We handle all aspects of a properties listing, bookings, and guest management, including vetting and guest communication. Plus, we provide convenient services like linen and towels for all stays and household and toiletries packs. We can even take care of all needed maintenance coordination and ensure we do regular property inspections to ensure your home is well maintained. Should your property be empty and need furniture we can also assist you in furnishing the property and get it fully guest ready. Learn more about our furnishing services under the category AirKeeper Furnishing Services
What sets AirKeeper apart as a top short-term rental agency?
AirKeeper specialises in short-term rentals and has over 6 years of experience in the field. Making it one of the most established national companies offering holiday home managment. We’re dedicated to expertly managing your short-term rental investment from start to finish. When you join us, our Sales Team will assist with contracts, provide a detailed property appraisal and provide you with all the other tips and tricks that will make your home a success. Your Area Manager, an industry expert, will ensure a smooth onboarding process and guide and support you through all aspects of your property’s management, sharing valuable knowledge to enhance your property’s performance. We use our expertise, software, and systems, including market analysis and dynamic pricing, to optimise occupancy and guest satisfaction. Plus, our Guest Services team is available around the clock, 365 days a year for guest support.
Why shouldn’t an owner manage their property themselves?
While the idea of self managing a property may initially seem like a cost-saving opportunity, the reality can be quite different. Handling reservations, new bookings, existing bookings, cancellations, and guest communications, along with the need to keep an eye on prices it can quickly evolve into a full-time commitment becomes a significant task. And that’s just the beginning – in-house guest support, maintenance, cleaning, and linen management add to the workload. Last but not least ever changing regulations in regards to short term laws and requirements could lead to a property being advertised without meeting all requirements.
Can AirKeeper offer part of their services? E.G. cleaning or furniture project?
AirKeeper does not currently offer standalone services such as cleaning or furniture projects.
Can AirKeeper manage an owners exiting listing?
While our general recommendation is to create a new listing under the AirKeeper umbrella, there are certain circumstances where we can manage an owner’s existing listing. Please feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs and requirements. We’ll be happy to explore the best solution for you.
Can owners use their own photos for the property’s online listing?
Certainly, owners are welcome to use their own photos for the listing, provided that the images have been professionally taken and accurately represent the property.

AirKeeper Furnishing Services

Can AirKeeper help me furnish my property?
Yes, AirKeeper can help you prepare your home for guests by partnering with a professional stylist. We have a range of packages available that suit all styles and budgets.
What is included in AirKeepers furniture package?

AirKeeper’s packages are designed to prepare your home for guests comprehensively. Below, you’ll find a detailed list of the items we include with each package. If you have any extra needs or specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Drinking Glasses
Wine Glasses

Champagne Glasses

Drinking Mugs 

Dining Plates & Bowls
Sharp Knives 

Chopping Boards
Kitchen Utensils
Pots & Pans 
Kitchen Bin (if required)



Mattress Protectors 



Bedside Tables 

Bedside Table Lamps
Coat Hangers




Living Space/Dining Space
Entertainment Unit

Coffee Table



Dining Table 

Dining Chairs
Rug (if required)

Mop & Bucket



Toilet Tidy Bin

Laundry Basket

Clothes Airer


Ironing Board

Toilet Brushes 

Electrical Appliances




Washing Machine

Dryer (if needed/elected at extra cost) 

Vacuum Cleaner 


First Aid Kit

Fire blanket or extinguisher

Outdoor (Pending on Space and Requirements)
Table & Chairs
BBQ (Only Houses)
Pool Chairs (Only Private Pools)
Umbrella (only if required for shade near a pool)

What options does AirKeeper offer for furniture projects?

AirKeeper offers two distinct furniture project options tailored to different property requirements:

Base Pack: Designed for apartments and smaller homes, the Base Pack provides a practical and stylish furnishing solution to ensure guest comfort. It is meticulously customized to your property’s individual character and requirements.

Premium Package: Tailored for property owners and homes seeking a more upscale and enduring aesthetic, the Premium Package offers a higher-end look for your property. Just like our Base Pack, it is designed to match your property’s unique features and style.

At AirKeeper, we take pride in our commitment to personalisation, ensuring that each package aligns seamlessly with the property’s unique features and location. If you’re interested in our furniture packages, kindly reach out to us, and our dedicated team will promptly provide you with our comprehensive brochure and a personalised pricing proposal based on your property’s location and needs.

To learn more about the specific inclusions in each package, please refer to our article titled “What is included in AirKeeper’s furniture package?”

Where does AirKeeper purchase the furniture for furniture projects?

AirKeeper procures furniture for our furniture projects from a diverse range of stores, carefully chosen to accommodate various budget considerations and ensure the availability of in-stock items. Some of the companies we heavily utulise are:

  • James Lane
  • Lounge Lovers
  • Freedom Furniture
  • Castlery
  • Adairs
  • Kmart
  • Target
  • Harvey Norman
  • Ikea
  • Amart Furniture
  • Appliances Online
Can owners choose furniture items when getting a furniture package from AirKeeper?

While AirKeeper welcomes owner input, it’s important to note that customisation options for furniture items in our packages are generally limited. If you have specific preferences for a particular item, we will consider your request. However, if the chosen item exceeds the allocated budget, you may need to cover the additional cost separately.

Our team of interior designers not only focuses on style and availability of items but also places a strong emphasis on selecting furniture that is durable and well-suited for the demands of the holiday market. We understand the importance of furniture that can withstand frequent use and maintain its appeal over time, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your property’s guests.

How is damage handled or replacements managed in case they are needed?

AirKeeper’s furniture projects come with a 12-month warranty that covers any damage or replacement needs within that period. However, it’s important to note that in the unlikely event damage is maliciously caused by guests, a claim must be filed, even within this warranty timeframe.

How much are AirKeeper’s Furniture Packages?

The cost of AirKeeper’s Furniture Packages is determined by a number of factors such as location, property size, and layout. For a personalised quote tailored for your specific property, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will provide you with a detailed estimate.

Included in the package price are several essential services: the selection of all furniture and items, collection & delivery fees, assembly, rubbish removal, a final check, professional styling, and the linen set up for beds.

AirKeeper is committed to offering competitive prices and swift turnaround times for all projects to ensure affordability while ensuring that the furniture complements the needs of a holiday rental.

Property Setup & Success

What actions can property owners take to ensure the optimal setup and success of their property?

To enhance the success of your property, it’s crucial to focus on effective styling and preparation for guests. Keep in mind that guests typically seek accommodations that are superior or, at the very least, equal in quality and comfort to their own homes. Simple updates like fresh artwork, decorative cushions, throws, and well-chosen artworks can make a significant difference in the visual appeal of your property, attracting interest without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, it’s essential to consider the right bedding configuration to target your intended audience effectively. Nowadays, sofa and bunk beds may not always be the most lucrative approach for maximising income. Prioritising quality over quantity when setting up your property is a more strategic way to ensure its success.

Are there any mandatory items that property owners must have in place before they can list their home?

In addition to ensuring that the property is fully equipped for guest stays with essentials like cutlery, bedding etc there are certain mandatory requirements/inclusions for all homes before they can be listed. These include having a first aid kit, a fire blanket or fire extinguisher, functioning smoke alarms, appropriate insurance coverage, a pool compliance certificate (if applicable), and a fire/gas/electrical compliance certificate (if applicable).

Is landlord insurance required for property owners?

Yes, having insurance is a requirement for listing your property online. You can obtain a free insurance quote for your home by contacting Terri Sheer through this link. It is vital to remember the insurance cover is Holiday Rental Insurance that covers third party dead and injury on property.

What bedding configuration does AirKeeper recommended for a property?

AirKeeper highly recommends a modern and conventional bedding setup for all properties. Ideally, bedrooms should feature King-sized beds, and if space constraints are a concern, Queen or Double-sized beds can be considered. Guests seek memorable and luxurious stays, often looking for experiences they may not have at home. We strongly discourage rooms designed to accommodate more than two guests and advise against the use of sofa beds for guest stays. If a property does have a sofa bed, it can be utilized during the owner’s personal usage of the house, but it’s advisable not to advertise it for guests.

For homes with three or more bedrooms, it can be beneficial to configure one of the rooms with two single beds placed side by side. The bedding arrangement in your property plays a pivotal role in its overall success. Guests seeking accommodations for eight individuals, for instance, prefer spaciousness rather than feeling cramped in a two-bedroom property. Most guests also appreciate a private space to retreat to at night. Therefore, if your property is advertised for six guests but has only two bedrooms, the prospect of someone staying on a sofa bed in a shared, non-private living area may not be appealing to the majority of potential guests.

Simplifying and streamlining your bedding configuration can help broaden your property’s appeal, making it more attractive to a wide and desirable range of guests.

Does AirKeeper recommend allowing pets?

Allowing pets in a rental property is entirely optional and up to the property owner’s discretion. It’s worth noting that making a property pet-friendly can significantly increase booking numbers and occupancy, resulting in a substantial revenue boost. Properties with fenced yards are particularly well-suited for pet-friendly accommodations. However, even in city apartments, if the property can be made pet-friendly, the listing becomes even more unique compared to regional properties, allowing for the potential to command premium rates.

It’s important to establish specific rules for pet-friendly properties, such as prohibiting pets on furniture and requiring waste cleanup by pet owners. In the rare event that a pet causes damage or necessitates extra cleaning, the associated costs will be charged to the guests. Rest assured, AirKeeper ensures that rules are in place for all pet-friendly properties to maintain a comfortable and clean environment.

Can AirKeeper manage a property that does not have an internal laundry or no access to laundry facilities at all?

While having an internal laundry with both a washing machine and dryer is the preferred arrangement, AirKeeper does have the capability to oversee properties where laundry access is provided within the building or complex. However, please note that as of now, AirKeeper does not handle properties that lack any access to washing facilities altogether

Can owners provide other inclusions such as sporting equipment, games etc for guests?

Certainly, property owners have the option to provide additional inclusions like sporting equipment or games for the convenience and enjoyment of guests. However, we request that these items be of durable and commercial-grade quality. It’s important to inform AirKeeper when items are added or removed from the property so that we can update our contractors and know what is on offer to guests and retained at the property.

Please note that while AirKeeper endeavours to confirm the presence of these items during inspections, we cannot take responsibility for regularly verifying their working condition.

Therefore, it’s advisable not to leave behind high-value or personal items or anything that is easily damaged or missed during inspections as part of these inclusions.

How many gas bottles should property owners provide for a BBQ?

AirKeeper recommends property owners to supply two gas bottles for the BBQ. This ensures there is always a spare bottle available in case guests run out of gas. Additionally, it provides ample time for us to arrange a replacement when needed.

NSW STRA Regulation

What does STRA stand for, where is it applicable, and is it mandatory for properties in New South Wales?

Indeed, STRA (Short Term Rental Accommodation) is mandatory for all homes in New South Wales. STRA represents the Short Term Rental Accommodation framework, a set of rules and regulations that applies to all holiday rentals throughout the state. These rules have been implemented primarily to ensure the safety of guests and, in certain regions, to monitor the number of nights a property is available for booking.

AirKeeper can take care of both the registration as well as compliance for your property.

What are the compliance componants to rent a property on the Short Term Market in NSW in relation to the STRA Regulations?

The prerequisites for renting a property in NSW apart from the registration are, compliant smoke alarms, fire evacuation diagrams, a fire blanket (and extinguisher in apartments), emergency contact details and access to the rules relating to the code for guests.

Properties that have an attached & locked garage additionally require an extra alarm for the space.

These above inclusions must be installed and maintained in accordance with the relevant codes and regulations, and the property must undergo inspections to ensure full compliance with these standards.

Where are homes registered for the STRA?

The property registration is completed with Service NSW. AirKeeper can take care of both the registration as well as compliance for your property.

What are the registration costs for STRA and what fees are associated with getting a property STRA compliant?

The initial registration cost for any property is $66, followed by an annual fee of $27.

Regarding the cost of making your property fully compliant, it varies depending on factors such as property size, location, and property specific requirements. As part of the onboarding process, AirKeeper will provide you with a customised quote tailored to your property’s needs.

Costs generally range from $550-$1300.

Is it possible for property owners to independently register their property and ensure it meets compliance requirements?

Yes, as a properry owner you can can, however we require a compliance certificate that proves all the necessary works have been carried out and checked. Without this certificate, we cannot list your home for bookings.

What is the difference between HOSTED or NON-HOSTED STRA?

Hosted short-term rental accommodation means short-term rental accommodation provided where the host resides on the premises during the provision of the accommodation.

Non-hosted short-term rental accommodation means short-term rental accommodation provided where the host does not reside on the premises during the provision of the accommodation.

If a property has multiple listings for different sections/dwellings at the same address, does it require multiple registrations?

Yes, when a property has sub-units, it necessitates separate STRA registrations. This has an advantage because each property should be counted individually towards the 180-day limit if a property is located in a region subject to such restrictions.

Which regions in NSW are subject to the 180-day maximum rental rule?

The 180-day rule for non-hosted STRA applies to specific areas in NSW, including:

  • Greater Sydney Region
  • Blue Mountains
  • Ballina area
  • Byron Bay area
  • Certain areas in the Clarence Valley Area
  • Certain areas in the Muswellbrook Area
How are the 180 days calculated?

The calculation of the 180 days is tracked through your STRA number and recorded on the official NSW STRA Register. It’s important to understand that only bookings shorter than 21 nights are included in the overall count. The 180 days per year are counted from the day of the property’s initial registration.

Are there any exceptions to the 180-day limit?

Certainly, it’s worth noting that hosted STRA does not have any limit at all, regardless of the number of days booked. Additionally, non-hosted STRA is exempt from the daily limit when booked for 21 or more consecutive days by the same guest.

What is the impact of the 180-day limit on property owners, and does it remain viable to engage in short-term property rentals under this constraint?

Short term letting still is a viable and lucrative undertaking for owners despite the 180 limit. Please see reasons listed below.

  • 180 days equate to nearly 10 months of property management pending on location and set up of a property, accounting for the typical variations in short-term rental occupancy.
  • Only bookings shorter than 21 nights count toward the 180-day limit.
  • The regulations have reduced available short-term rental stock in Greater Sydney, leading to increased daily rates for properties. This translates to higher rental income for property owners.
  • In cases where the limit is approaching, AirKeeper can advertise properties for long-term rental, securing tenants for 2-6 months under a different arrangement that does not count toward the 180-day limit.
  • This approach ensures that your property remains productive and profitable throughout the year.