How to increase your amount of Airbnb bookings?

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How to increase your amount of Airbnb bookings? Increase your bookings by following these steps: Have great quality photographs of your property in the Airbnb listing. Start with the five best pictures of the house/apartment. Those pictures are the first impression for your new upcoming they can already make or break the deal for a […]

The Journey from Airbnb host to Airbnb Superhost

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The Journey from Airbnb host to Airbnb Superhost. By becoming an Airbnb Superhost you will increase your amount of bookings and your profit. Good news! You don’t need to apply to be an Airbnb Superhost. 4 times a year Airbnb checks all the accounts to if they were able to manage the 4 things listed […]

Floriade Canberra

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Floriade Canberra Last weekend was the start of a huge florist festival in Canberra: Floriade. The biggest celebration of spring in Australia. With music, food and wine, cultural celebrations, horticultural workshops, arts, entertainment, markets and recreational activities.  This is the 32nd edition of the festival with a wonderful theme “World in Bloom”. Don’t miss out on […]

6 Tips For Renting A Holiday House Apartment

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Rental holiday apartments are increasingly demanded as a cheaper alternative hotels. They are favoured for being more comfortable, especially if they spend their holidays with your family. 1. Make sure that the house is in line with what was promised The best thing to do is to visit the apartment you want to rent beforehand, […]

5 Tips To Increase Your Airbnb Revenue Sharply

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Aren’t we all always on the lookout to tweak our investments? Make them more attractive? Earn a bit more per week? If you have made the jump from traditional renting into the exciting world of short-term vacation rentals we have good news for you. In this niche of the market it is much easier to […]

Why We Love Hosting

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This week we here at AirKeeper want to speak from the heart. Why do we love Airbnb so much and why do we enjoy looking after your home and help you share it with others? AirKeeper loves Airbnb because it truly gives people the opportunity to have a local experience and make authentic memories as well as […]

5 Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out From The Crowd

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The Sydney Airbnb market it getting hit with more and more listings each and every day. So if you want your property to be the one that stands out every time someone does a search in your area you should follow these 5 rules. Invest in good photos And by that we mean to pay […]

Airbnb In Sydney

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 Host or not Host. Airbnb user or not everyone in Australia and certainly Sydney does know about Airbnb and has an opinion on it. There is love there is hate and every emotion in between. Property owners of course find it alluring and are intrigued by the potential for their investment but they are also […]

Airbnb Business Travel

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Airbnb constantly works on making the experience a better and better one for guests and hosts alike. One of their newest additions is honing in on the Business Travel sector. They have come up with some clever requirements so that your home will show in this section of their site. Today we will enlighten you […]

Managing Your Own Airbnb vs Airbnb Management Agency

Of course you can do it all. You work, look after your family, plan vacations and take the dog for a walk. What difference would it make to add managing an Airbnb to that list? But sometimes the question is not CAN YOU do it all? The question is SHOULD YOU do it all? And […]