We Clean Your Home

Forever Spotless Homes when the AirKeeper Team cleans your Home

Airbnb Cleaning Service By AirKeeper

Through our experience, the cleaning and linen changeover is the biggest headache for a property on the short term rental market.

This is the reason we have created our sister company SpaceCleaning.

SpaceCleaning delivers impeccable cleaning for your property. Because it’s the face of our business, we always ensure that everything is done to the highest standard.

Our Cleaning Service is unique. We go far beyond a normal clean. We are scrupulous about absolutely EVERYTHING! Our cleaners are trained to see even the tiniest hair on a carpet, in bedding or in a bathroom.

Dust has nowhere to hide when our Airbnb Cleaning Services is on the job. And after every clean, our area managers inspect the property for the white glove test.

All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, there are no nasty chemicals used.


Linen Supply

All of the linen used by our Cleaning Service is high quality, hotel grade, to ensure complete guest satisfaction. Bedding, bath sheets, hand towels, face washers, bath mats and tea towels – all our linen service is complete – and luxurious. Big, plush bath sheets wrap your guests after a shower.

Crisp sheets, soft pillows and cloud-like doonas envelop them effortlessly when it’s bed time.

And we make sure that every piece of linen is perfectly positioned.

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Restocking Essentials

Little things make a big difference to your guests’ experience. Every day we ensure that there is coffee, tea – black and herbal – hot chocolate, milk and sugar in the kitchen.

We replenish shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body lotion, tissues and toilet paper in the bathroom, And we check that there is plenty of laundry powder, dish-washing powder, dish-washing liquid and that there are clean sponges, wipes, tea towels and bin liners for the kitchen and laundry.

Let us do all the jobs for you