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Expert Airbnb Styling &
Furnishing Services

Our AirKeeper Pro Styling Service can help you style and furnish your Airbnb
property for maximum rental success and guest satisfaction.

What Does AirKeeper Pro Styling Service Include?

AirKeeper’s comprehensive styling service can help upgrade your home from nice to gorgeous, stylish to luxurious. Crafted to build on your property’s strengths, and constructed with ultimate guest satisfaction in mind, our service includes:

Full Home Setup

We provide your home with all the necessary items to ensure that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll receive all the stylish amanitas enhance your guests’ experiences while ensuring your home meets theirs needs

Best Prices

Our packages are reasonably priced and carefully selected. We make sure to find the ideal balance between investment and returns, without ever sacrificing quality.

Style Flexibility

AirKeeper can accommodate any style, from modern to traditional, rustic to Hamptoms, and everything in between. We have access to a wide selection of furniture, décor, and accessories to choose from, so we can create a space that accentuates your home’s personality.

Package Upgrades

If you like our base package but would like to upgrade to higher-end artwork or a higher quality mattress because you stay with us occasionally, please let us know – we can customise your package to meet your needs.

10-Day Turn Around

We can get your house ready for guests in just 10 business days after we receive the keys. This means your property can start generating income right away.

Worry-Free Warranty

If anything goes wrong in the first year, we have it covered. The item will be replaced free of charge. Want an extended two-year warranty? Ask us how.

How AirKeeper’s Styling Works

  • 1

    Engage Us

    Once we have your approval to begin management, our team will waste no time and begin the styling process straight away

  • 2

    Onsite or virtual inspection

    To determinate the proeprty styling and furnishing package that suits your specific requirements and increase your rental yield we recommend considering factors such as your property’s size, location and style.Our sales agents and Area managers will offer guidance and assistance as necessary

  • 3

    Curating and Ordering

    Our Packages are carefully curated to ensure that each proeprty showcases its distinct character, providing you with a unique style that sets you apart the market and help you generate higher booking 

  • 4


    We ensure that everything is delivered on time and in working order. Our fantastic team will assemble everything for you, no need to lift a finger!

  • 5


    We remove all the rubbish and conduct a clean of the house, from top to bottom to make the house guest-ready

  • 6


    You Area Manager will conduct a final inspection and touch-up of the house to ensure it is ready to look its best in the photographs.

The best value on the market.

Management fees starting from 15% (incl. GST)

Still not sure? Browse our pricing packages to compare inclusions, or Book a Call to talk to our team today.

Find Your Property’s Voice and Style

AirKeeper manages a large portfolio of properties in a variety of styles, from modern and artistic to creamy and dreamy. Browse some examples below for inspiration – if there’s something you see that you like, let us know!