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Airbnb Property Management by AirKeeper

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Airbnb Property Management by AirKeeper

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Our guests are among the most satisfied.

  • Joe Kennedy

    These guys are amazing, everything I needed was taken care of immediately. I highly recommend them. I wouldn’t trust my properties with anyone else.

  • Greg Kramer

    There have been issues that I have had to deal with as anyone with a property that’s rented out would expect, but I have found that issues raised have been responded to and that communication has been very clear. Happy to recommend it.

  • Thomas RJ S

    Our property has been renting out well and the airkeeper team has carefully listened and followed to any instructions/requests regarding its management. So far a great experience and I can happily recommend it.

  • Robert Simms

    I was with Airkeeper for 12 months and can not speak any higher of Alessio, Franca and the rest of the team at Airkeeper. It was a very professional property management company that took care of every aspect of my property on Airbnb.

  • Jenai Ellen

    Happy to recommend their service! Great management, special shout out to Franca who has guided us through our first year on the short term market with ease. Thanks again, we are looking forward to our next year together!

  • Harshal Shah

    We moved over to Airkeeper two month ago after a not so pleasant experience with another short term rental agency. We have to say so far we are very happy with the management. Our property is looked after better and communication with the team is always swift.