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How to increase your amount of Airbnb bookings?

August 8, 2023

How to increase your amount of Airbnb bookings?

How to increase your amount of Airbnb bookings? Increase your Airbnb bookings by following these steps:

Professional Photography

Firstly, have great quality photographs of your property in the Airbnb listing. For instance, start with the five best pictures of the house/apartment. Those pictures are the first impression for your new upcoming, so they can already make or break the deal for a booking. Besides this, make sure these pictures really stand out from the crowd. It is must to confirm that you show every room in the pictures and ensure you have some detailed pictures as well. Apart from that, if anything changes in your property, don’t forget to update the photos, because guests really want to know what the property looks like and will be disappointed when it is not how they expected it to be.

Listing Creation

Secondly, create a listing that focuses on experiences, not the property facts, because all the Airbnb listings have a comfortable bed and a shower, that is not what makes your place unique. Therefore, find the uniqueness of your property and show that in your listing.

Dedicated Property Managers

Thirdly, give your guests something extra. Don’t underestimate the value of giving guests a little welcome present. Certainly, it does not have to be big like a bottle of wine, but it can just be bottles of water with some candy or cookies. Most importantly, bear in mind that some guests don’t drink tap water, so it would be very nice for them to have some bottles of water for the first few hours of their stay. Alternatively, you can leave a little note with a personal wish, some essentials for showering or some flowers. Above all, choose something you prefer, but that little present will be appreciated.

Do you need help managing your property while you are away? The Airkeeper team can create a beautiful listing that stands out for you on Airbnb with professional photographs and we put it on Airbnb for a reasonable price. AirKeeper will be there for you and your guest 24/7. Our dedicated team make sure the house is clean before the guests arrive and provide them with high quality essentials. Airkeeper’s team will do everything to make sure you and your guests experience comfort and quality.

For more information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on 1800 986 458, send us an email at, or fill in the form.