The Sydney Airbnb market is getting hit with more and more listings each and every day. So if you want your property to be the one that stands out every time someone does a search in your area you should follow these 5 rules. These rules are great for short term rental management in Sydney.

  1. Invest in good photos

And by that we mean to pay a professional to take them. Photos are your number one selling point and investing a couple of hundred dollars at the beginning will literally pay off in no time.

  1. Choose a catchy title

People will make up their mind about your property in seconds. You only have two ways to make a good first impression; your title photo and four-word title. Choose something that entices guests to want to know more and make sure it highlights the best feature of the place in it too.
An example of this would be Ultimate short term rental management in Sydney Harbour View House or Serene Bush Dream.

  1. Have an honest description of your property

Highlight the pros of your place but never oversell yourself. Also, make future guests aware of anything that could possibly catch them unaware. For most people walking up 3 sets of stairs is no big deal. However, if they were expecting a lift it might leave a bad impression on them. Tell them about those things in the advert so they are prepared.

  1. Complete your listing profile as much as possible

You might think writing a big blub about your neighborhood or yourself as a host won’t sway people’s mind if they book your place or not but THEY DO. Remember guests are usually from another country or at least another city.
If they do not know much about your area and you are not directly in the centre of town they might be wary and are worried they are too far away from the action. Tell them all the awesome things that make your neighborhood unique and how far it is to the major attractions in your city.
The same goes for your profile. Have a comprehensive profile so people can get a good vibe of you. This translates directly how much they will trust your listing overall.

  1. Answer all your reviews

We know, you are already leaving your guests a glowing review on their profile but writing a quick individualized thank you below their comments makes them see you go the extra mile. It also makes it look more in line when you have to respond to a negative review, which is something you have to do every time.
Our Team here at AirKeeper Sydney takes our own advice seriously and we live by the above rules. Hosting yourself can be time-consuming and daunting especially if it’s your first property. If you want to make the most out of your short-term rental let us do the work for you.
We do this every day and have great systems in place to ensure your property is the one that stands out the most. We have created relationships with professional photographers that know exactly how to shoot a property for the specific target market and our team is great with words and research to create an ultimate listing.
Call us today on 1800 986 458 to meet us in person and find out how we can elevate your property to the next level.

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